Stillwater Marina—We Know All Things Nautical

The current owners are Andy Malon and Tom Brockman.

Andy grew up in Stillwater and has called it his home since he started kindergarten. He grew up working at his Father’s full-service gas station in town back in the day where washing windows was part of your fuel stop! Andy started in the boat business in 1994 has a mobile service for boat detailing and shrink-wrapping. In 2003 the company acquired the gas dock and boat rental operation and in 2004 took over the service repair shop to expand the company services. He witnessed the current owner expand their services in the marina and take customer service to a new level for their dry stack operation and that baton was passed to us in 2014.

Tom is an excellent owner and partner that brings many years of business experience from his trucking and trailer rental business. Brockman trailers has grown to one of the largest trailer storage business in MN! Tom will bring his wisdom of growth and quality to the marina. He is more active in the background of the operation and cares deeply that we offer the best customer service.

A Rich Maritime History

Long before we launched Stillwater Marina, another family set sail with their business here. Recognizing the opportunities to profit from a thriving boating and shipping industry in the St. Croix River towns, Pennsylvania natives, George and John Muller opened a boat building business in 1872 at the site that is now Stillwater Marina. As time passed, they transitioned into a tour boat company, renting canoes and boats to tourists and eventually buying bigger boats to expand into river dinner cruises.

Carrying on the Tradition

Drystacking has been available at the site of Stillwater Marina since the mid-80s. After we took over the site in 2003, we began renting boats, giving day boaters the chance to enjoy the pleasures of captaining luxury pontoons on the St. Croix River. In 2006, we started The Stillwater Boat Club, offering members an attractive alternative to boat ownership, without the financial investment or hassles of boat maintenance, repairs and winter storage.

When it comes to worry-free boating, you want Stillwater Marina on your crew, setting you free to enjoy the beautiful St. Croix, the river valley, and the charming town of Stillwater.

Bring Your Crew to Stillwater Marina

Our focus now and always will be a worry-free boating experience for our customers. We operate from one of the prettiest spots in the country and believe that whether you’re an experienced sailor or an enthusiastic landlubber, everyone should have the chance to enjoy the sights, sounds, and experience of boating on the St. Croix River.

Bring your crew to Stillwater Marina for:

  • Splash ‘n’ Store drystacking
  • Marine services
  • Boat rental
  • Boat club membership
  • Exceptional dockside service
  • West Marine for the finest in boating supplies, gear, and clothing
  • Walking distance to downtown Stillwater
  • Worry-free boating at its best
  • Boat Sales brokerage service
  • 35 Ton lift for haul-out and storage

Buoy Your Spirits at Stillwater Marina

Discover the pleasure of worry-free boating at Stillwater Marina. Complete our online form for more information about more Splash ‘n’ Store drystacking and availability, marine services and more. Or call us today at 651.439.5658 to learn more or request service.