Add Years to the Life of Your Boat—Splash ‘n’ Store Drystack and Valet at Stillwater Marina

Drystacking prolongs the life of your boat by being inside a secure building when you are not using it. We are limited to boats in sizes from 16ft to 27ft. Pontoons, Runabouts, and smaller cabin cruisers.

We also offer boat trailer storage – offsite in a secured lot.

How does it work? You request launch and haul out thru our cloud based app. Each request is confirmed by email or text! You will have the peace of mind that your boat is either ready in the water or safely secured inside.

How long is the dry-stack season? We start May 15th and goes thru the last Sunday in September.

We’ll wash and wipe down your boat after use, even power washing the hull once we pull it out of the water.

The days of wrestling with massive, bulky covers to protect your boat or pontoon are over. Simply grab your personal stuff and walk away. We’ll take it from there, our staff will cover your boat for you!

Drystacking prolongs the life of your boat so you can continue to enjoy it for years to come. It also saves you the hassle and time of winterizing your boat yourself.

The Benefits of Drystacking

With the Minnesota seasons, you have the heavy snow in the winter and harsh hot sun in the summer. Give your boat the care it deserves and protect your investment. Drystacking your boat with Stillwater Marina is the better alternative. That’s because drystacking:

  • Shelters your boat in a secured building
  • Offers easy access to your boat for maintenance and cleaning
  • Protects your boat from harmful UV rays when not in use – less fading of gelcoat!
  • We give you a fresh start in the spring with a courtesy wipe down of exterior
  • No hassling with trailers, slips, or launching
  • Forklift is fueled by propane to keep your boat and building clean
  • We will cover your boat and uncover it for you – more boating time for you!

Ready to Go

When you’re ready to start boating again, simply contact us via your smartphone app or give us a call. We’ll place your boat back in the water, even gassing it up so it’s ready to go once you arrive.

When you arrive at the Marina, simply find your name on the marina map to see where your boat is docked. Should you request it, we’ll put ice in your cooler or help you haul your belongings to your craft. It’s our way of making sure your boating experience is the best it can be.

Leave Winter Wear & Tear in Your Wake at Stillwater Marina

Drystacking your boat at Stillwater Marina is the best way to leave winter wear and tear in your wake. Your annual fee includes inside winter storage. If your boat is your baby, it’s time to treat her that way. Drystack her at Stillwater Marina. Complete our online form to learn about the availability within our Splash ‘n’ Store drystack facility. Or call us today at 651.439.5658 to learn more.